About us

A bit of our History

The Advanced Operations Group, also known as AOG, is an organization based in Portugal. Founded in 2018 by three friends, including Álvaro “PSYCHO” Cardinale, its purpose is to create not just a group but a lifestyle. While rooted in airsoft, the group’s objective extends beyond that, aiming to spread its unique “style,” which has essentially become a way of life.

In pursuit of their own paths, centered around tactical concepts and drawing inspiration from various military units and American companies specializing in weaponry and equipment for civilians, the AOG has developed a distinctive style. Their goal is to attract not only more participants in the sport of airsoft but also those who embrace their “Way of Life”!

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Why AOGShop?

The best product selection

At AOGShop we sell the best quality products at competitive prices to create your ultimate setup!

Gadgets and technology

At AOGShop we are always attentive to news and new launches on the market, in order to bring new and exclusive products to our customers.

Specialized research and testing

At AOGShop we research and test the products we sell in our store, to check their quality and performance, so that our customers are satisfied with each purchase!

The Store

In 2021, with the proactive addition of a new member named Jorge, the idea of creating an airsoft store emerged during brainstorming sessions. This store would stand out by offering “real steel” products, tactical equipment that fills the gap in the market for purchasing gear and consumables related to the sport. The store would have a strong online presence, featuring a user-friendly and responsive website that accurately represents the quality and reliability of its products. This way, even customers who lack access to physical stores or cannot visit the AOG’s brick-and-mortar location would gain a faithful understanding of the products and how they fit into their loadout, playing style, and personal configuration.

With highly accessible shipping rates and fast delivery (24 to 48 hours), the store aims to reach players and civilians regardless of their geographical location. The store’s name? AOGShop.

The AOGShop’s motto draws from the ideology and “Way of Life” of the AOG group, emphasizing service to the community and continuous improvement. Their motto: “From players, for players.” Or in the case for someone that doesn’t play airsoft “From Dirty Civilians, for Dirty civilians”.

They listen to players’ needs and respond to their requests, striving to serve not only the airsoft community but also the tactical community at large! Their goal is to enhance the airsoft experience and contribute positively to both communities.

Meet our Team

Álvaro Cardinale

Nickname: PSYCHO
Roles: Founder of AOG and Co-owner of AOGShop
Started playing in: 2017
Preferred playing style: CQB Skirmish and Milsim
Preferred airsoft platform: GBB (Gas Blowback)
Favorite weapon family: AK
Other notes: Pro-gun, enthusiast of weapons and tactical equipment.

Jorge Mota

Name: Jorge Mota
AOG Member and Owner of AOGShop
Started playing: 2019
Favorite play style: CQB Skirmish
Preferred airsoft platform: GBB and HPA
Preferred weapon family: AR
Other observations: Car and motorcycles fanatic

Nelson Oliveira

Nickname: Glitch
Role: Designer and Bonecada Master
Started playing: 2016
Favorite game style: Milsim in bush/CQB
Favorite airsoft platform: GBB
Favorite weapon family: AR, Model: AR15/M4
Other observations: Harley Davidson fanatic and motorcycle enthusiast in general